Jersey shore

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The Jersey Shore offers 141 miles of beautiful coastal scenery. Beaches, boardwalks, and amusements attract millions of vacationeers every year. In my career, I’ve done photo shoots in at least half the towns along the shore. Now clients have been sending me back with my drones to some of these towns to shoot beautiful scenery, beach reconstruction and real estate. It never gets dull because there is so much beauty and diversity on the shore.

Drone photograph of amusement Park Ocean City NJ

Fluidized Rock Systems:

Fluidized Rock Systems is a great company out of Lake Worth, Florida. They’ve created a revolutionary process that claims it can restore eroded beaches 6 times faster than anything currently on the market. AEROJO was hired to document them in action. It was a challenging yet exciting project. Challenging because we had only 2 hours to shoot. A ship sucks up sand from the ocean floor. It sends slurry down a pipe to the beach, where the slurry is put through the extractor, screening out rocks and debris. Some of the debris can be unexploded munitions from former wars. Yikes! But have no fear, the army corps of engineers were on site to inspect what was being separated. The amount of time it takes for the sand to be emptied from the ship is about 2 hours. So we had to work quickly.

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Drone Photograph taken at sunset of Newark New Jersey


Newark is a thriving city making a tremendous comeback after decades of decay. The architecture and Industry make for many exciting visual opportunities. 

New Jersey Lakes

 New Jersey has endless beautiful lake communities. My town has over a half a dozen alone. I wanted to explore these lakes from above and capture the beauty of New Jersey Lakes with aerial drone photography.


AEROJO Drone Productions is a full-service drone imagery company based in Denville, New Jersey. We provide drone services worldwide.

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