New Jersey Lakes

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New Jersey has endless beautiful lake communities. My town has over a half a dozen alone. I wanted to explore these lakes from above and capture the beauty of New Jersey Lakes with aerial drone photography. My favorite time of day is sunrise and sunset. I start by figuring out which lake will look better at each time of day depending on the position and best area to fly from. I use an app called Sunrise Sunset, to help me determine the relation to where the sun will be and where I’m going to fly. I love the early mornings the most because it’s the time of day with least distractions and I can really concentrate most on flying and getting the best imagery. Weather is also another key factor in aerial drone video and photography. Not just for the sake of safety and rule compliance, but also for the aesthetic aspect. Be it snow, fog on the water or interesting clouds that make the sky more colorful, weather can make or break an image.

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AEROJO Drone Productions is a full-service drone imagery company based in Denville, New Jersey. We provide drone services worldwide.

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