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One of my valued clients sent me to Utah on assignment. I always heard great things about the Beehive State so I extended my stay to use aerial drone photography to show the beauty that Utah has to offer. The Lakes are so different than back east. A woman who owned a home right on Utah Lake was very kind. She let me fly on her property whenever I wanted. It just so happened to line up perfectly with the sunrise I got over Provo Canyon.


I had the great pleasure to work with legendary dirt track racer “Racer Ray” for this video. Hint: The people of Utah are so friendly and hospitable it’s amazing! I told a friend that I wanted to do an aerial drone video of a guy in a really cool car out in the desert away from civilization. He called a friend, who then called another friend who found Ray. These total strangers were so helpful an accommodating setting this up for me. It was a challenge finding a place not too far away from Salt Lake City and that was not in the restricted air space that was around due to military operations. I found a dirt road off a paved road that was pretty desolate. Ray owns a gorgeous 1932 Ford T Bucket, a real Classic. Being a dirt track racer he wasn’t afraid of getting it dirty either. So I fired up my DJI Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 camera and started flying. Ray knew exactly what I wanted, so we got it done quickly before the sun got to hot. But honestly I had so much fun, I could have shot there all day. I just told Ray as long as I don’t see any snakes, I’ll be just fine. 

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