Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Drone Photography Cost?

It all depends on the size and scope of project. We handle everything from small one hour projects to multi day shooting or mapping. Another factor is image usage. We don’t charge the same rate for something that’s gonna be used personally by a homeowner as we would for something that will be used in a national consumer advertising campaign. Call today for a free quote!
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Do You Offer Drone Video Editing?

Yes. We edit our video in Adobe Premiere Pro and offer CGI 2D & 3D graphic rendering. Post Production quality is important to us. We shoot our video footage in D-Log color to capture the widest spectrum of data, so we can have maximum quality control in editing. We also work with talented voiceover artists as well.

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Do You Offer Drone Photo Retouching?

Yes. We offer photo retouching for drone photography; from simple to the complex. If you have a building that was shot at dusk and couldn’t find the light switch, no problem; we can turn them on in postproduction! Some clients ask us to remove vehicles from parking lots, while others ask us to add vehicles. We’ve got you covered either way.

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Do You Do Ground Based Photography and Video as Well?

Yes. Joe has been a commercial photographer and video director for many years. We do many projects that combine still, video, ground and aerial.
We’ve got you covered.

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What Size Video Do I Need?

Most projects for the web only require 1080, but we have 4k capabilities if you need super hi resolution. Some situations require 4k shooting to allow us to crop in post giving more flexibility in editing.

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What Size Pictures Do I Need?

We shoot everything in the largest size possible, then create a batch of images for the size you need. If you need an image for a bill board, we provide large files. If you need them for the web as well, we’ll process an additional batch at an appropriate size at no extra charge.

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Why Do You Need My Exact Address?

Yes. we don’t mean to be too intrusive when you first call, but one of the very first things that we need to do is check the air space where you want to fly to see if flight operations are possible and if Authorization from the FAA is required for that specific address. We use a whole host of flight planning tools to ensure that we comply legally and safely in our aerial drone operations.

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What Kind of Drones Do You Use?

We use the DJI Inspire 1 with the Zenmuse X5 camera and the Inspire 2 with the X5s camera upon special request as well as the DJI Phantom Pro 4.
We mostly travel with at least 2 drones to have flexibility in our flight operations.

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Should I Hire You or Just Buy a Drone and Do It Myself?

Conducting Aerial Drone Operations for commercial purposes is a complex proposition. Beyond being proficient in flying and properly operating a drone that has the capabilities to provide professional quality still images and video, you also need to be properly licensed with the FAA and carry aviation insurance. Regulations for commercial pilots can be complex and tricky, so relax just hire a professional. Besides we also have over 20 years commercial photography experience in the most competitive market in the world, so our imagery is far superior to the average person.

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Can You Fly a Drone at Night?

Yes. We have obtained a waiver from the FAA to conduct night operations ( strangely enough it’s actually called the 107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver). Most drone operators do not have this waiver. It is more complex than flying during the day or at dusk, but at AEROJO Drone Productions, we possess the capability. We also fly with anti collision lights at dawn and dusk as required by the FAA to ensure other air craft can spot our drones.

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How Long Can You Fly a Drone For?

The battery on some of our drones last up to 30 minutes. Our flight times typically last 10-20 minutes, on average. We bring multiple batteries and chargers on all of our drone shoots to ensure that we can capture that perfect shot!

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Do You Need Any Special Permits or Authorization to Fly a Drone at My Location?

Send the address where the drone operations will take place to and we will check for you at no charge.The FAA has recently implemented the new LAANC system which grants instant authorization to a greater portion of restricted air space that used to take months to obtain.

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Can You Operate Drones in All Types of Weather?

Most drones do not perform well in windy, rainy and/or snowy weather conditions. Not only does weather affect our ability to capture the amazing footage our clients expect, but it can also create safety issues. Since safe flying is our number one priority, we will generally not operate in inclement weather, as well as in extreme temperatures (above 100˚F and below 32˚F).

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Do You Have Insurance?

Yes. We carry special Aviation Insurance required by law to cover our drone operations. General business liability (which we also have) does not cover aerial drone operations, so we have both for aerial and ground work.

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Are You Licensed by the FAA?

Yes. Chief Pilot Joe Polillio holds a Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot Certificate and is a certified commercial drone operator. We can provide our FAA credentials upon request.

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AEROJO Drone Productions is a full-service drone imagery company based in Denville, New Jersey. We provide drone services worldwide.

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