5 Tips for Better Vacation Drone Photos

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How To Use Your Drone To Take Amazing Vacation Pics!

Vacation is a great time to take your drone with you to capture some beautiful imagery while you are away. Here are some ideas to help you bring home the gold!

1. Bird’s Eye

Checking the bird’s eye angle, or Nadir, whenever I’m flying is so important to me that the C2 button on my controllers are set to quickly flip the camera down so that I can see what’s happening directly below. Keep in mind that it is a good safety practice to make sure you’re not flying directly over people, moving traffic, or any other potential safety hazards.

2. Interesting Architecture

I’m always on the lookout for beautiful buildings and landmarks to capture the local flavor of where I’m visiting. I prefer to fly at a time when no one’s around so that the photo less cluttered and for flight safety reasons. Also, be sure to keep a safe distance so as not to invade anyone’s privacy.

3. Add People

A beautiful location can be brought up a notch by adding a person. It not only gives scale of the scenery, but also adds another interesting element to the image.

4. Sunrise & Sunset

My favorite time to fly is from twenty minutes before sunrise until about two hours after, and then from about two hours before sunset until twenty minutes after. Of course, make sure you know the rules for flying during civil twilight and always use your anti-collision lights (NOT just the lights that are built in to your drone). I use the Aveo PicoMax Drone Beacon. They work really well.

5. Roads and Trails

From the air roads and trails can bring dynamic angles and interest to a drone photo. Especially if there’s something interesting on that path. Make sure not to fly over moving vehicles; it’s dangerous and against the law in most places.

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