Teaching SVA Students about Flying Drones

I gave a drone lecture recently at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City. It was such an honor because I was invited by Jack Reznicki and Katrin Eismann. These two are giants in the field of commercial photography and have been prominent on the lecture circuit for years. I’ve learned a lot in photography, video and flying drones over the years, so it’s very rewarding to share my knowledge with those eager to become the next generation of creative content providers. The are many challenges to teaching people about flying drones. Condensing all the information that’s needed to safely operate in a few hours, but most importantly, having fun at the same time! We cover operational essentials, limitations, regulations, and show lots of examples of work. But the most fun of all is actually flying a drone. We did that in their spacious photo studio. If you have a professional group, students, or a club and are interested in learning more about the world of drones, let us know.

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