Using Drone photography to document the salvaging of a historic barn in Mendham, NJ was a great option. New Jersey Monthly Magazine hired me to document the tear down of this gorgeous piece of American Architecture. After many failed attempts to try and preserve this huge barn, the last hope was to bring in the great folks at Real Antique Wood. You can read more about the process in the January 2020 issue.

Drone Photography provides many interesting angles to help illustrate the expertise needed in dismantling a large intricate structure.  It also helps having experience on construction sites. There are many hazards to watch out for, such as unstable flooring, falling debris, sharp objects coming out of the ground, etc.

Using Drone photography to document the salvaging of this historic barn was done over several weeks. There were many scheduling challenges as well as poor weather. This made the documenting of the salvage more difficult than initially anticipated. However, Mike at Real Antique Wood did a great job in coordinating the shoots. I love using brief time-lapse (like the gif shown) to add interest to the process. I also use other ground based cameras to capture different angles and close ups on the guys who sometime work in very precarious situations.

There were some tall trees around the property that obstructed some angles that I wanted to capture. However there were also many open spaces with distant neighbors, so flying wasn’t too challenging. I did confront a couple of harassing birds, but they quickly fled. Air space is always a consideration, but no FAA approvals were needed. I did a lot of hand catching when landing, because there was so much mud everywhere!

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