Shooting Drone Video or Stills of a moving object, such as a rowing scull, can be challenging and requires some planning and practice. My neighbor Charlie is an avid rower, so I wanted to capture him on our lake doing his thing. I love shooting at dawn for several reasons. First it’s very quiet and calm, drone pilots love this because our drones tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention. Second, the light is gorgeous at that time of day.  Having a peaceful calm lake makes for a great location, its vast openness eliminates the need to constantly watch for obstacles.The big challenge is coordinating two moving objects to get the right timing, framing and movements. This can take some practice, so it’s advisable to do so if possible before hand. The other challenge is communication. When I was shooting this, I had to communicate with Charlie through phone or walkie talkie because he was too far away. Also, when you’re dealing with battery power and sunrise, you don’t want to waste time. All in all it was a great shoot! I’m very pleased with the results and Charlie was exhausted.

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